Joss Whedon Says He’s Never Watched A Single Episode Of Lost

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Remember a few years ago, when Wednesday nights would come along and you’d turn on your TV to watch Lost on ABC? You’d get 10 minutes into the newest episode and think, “Ah, it’s a Sayid episode!” Wasn’t that such a wonderful feeling? Well, as it turns out geek icon Joss Whedon has never had that feeling or experienced the highs and lows of his fellow geek J.J. Abrams’ TV series, Lost.

While at a Q&A for his upcoming Shakespeare adaptation Much Ado About Nothing during this year’s South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Whedon surprised the sold-out crowd when he admitted to have never watched a single episode of the widely popular Lost. It’s not that Whedon doesn’t like J.J. Abrams; it’s just that the director didn’t have time to watch it back in the mid-2000s. As Whedon explains,

“I’ve never seen it. I missed out on a lot of culture: you either make TV or you watch it. So, yeah I’ve never seen it.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean Whedon didn’t have at least some awareness about the popular show. “I hear it’s really good and then it gets confusing,” Whedon said.

A few months ago, Lost-actor Dominic Monaghan admitted that he hadn’t finished watching the TV series he starred in for three seasons. It seems like Monaghan had tuned out of the TV series once his character was no longer featured on it.

It’s really no surprise that Joss Whedon didn’t have time for Lost; he was really busy during its series run making the Firefly movie Serenity, the web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, and the short-lived TV series Dollhouse. I doubt a person like Joss has much free time to do anything, let alone watch a nine-year-old TV series. On the other hand, has J.J. Abrams ever watched Firefly or Buffy The Vampire Slayer? [He could probably take some notes. – Ed.]