Josh Holloway Runs From This First Intelligence Preview And Photo

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

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You know what would be a huge help if you were in law enforcement? If you had a high-tech computer implanted into your brain. That’s the central premise of the upcoming CBS science fiction drama Intelligence, which stars Lost alum Josh Holloway. Now we have a behind-the-scenes video and the first official photo from the series.

Holloway plays an agent named Gabriel, who works for a place called U.S. Cyber Command. He’s ex-special forces, has a hot sidekick, and whatever they do at Cyber Command, he’s the best at it. Head of the class, leader of the pack kind of stuff. Turns out having a microchip implanted in your skull has its advantages, and he can tap into the internet, get WiFi, and even access satellites, all from the comfort of his own head. He can run facial recognition all on his own without waiting for a spunky lab tech to do it. I bet he can even text and tweet from in there. There’s definitely a market for this kind of technology.

The photo doesn’t have much going on. There’s Holloway, and he’s running. That’s really about it, aside from the super-scowly intense face he has on. If it wasn’t for the fact that this picture comes from a reliable source, EW, you could make the argument that this is just Holloway in the middle of a particularly intense workout. He certainly doesn’t look like he has a computer chip in his brain, unless it’s one that compels him to wear knit sweaters and cut the fingertips off of his gloves. Which it might.

As a concept, Intelligence could go either way. It does sound a little like Johnny Mnemonic (which is itself being developed as a TV show). Shows and movies that try to get in on the latest high-tech fads like this have a tendency to come across as silly (remember Hackers and Airwolf?), and get dated super fast. If this is truly a “Six Million Dollar Man for the information age,” CBS better strike while the iron is hot, before their technology is out of date.

Odds are Intelligence will be a turd, especially since the network currently has it slated as a midseason Monday replacement, and those shows aren’t exactly known for setting the world on fire. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you excited at the prospect of Holloway returning to primetime, or could you care less?

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