Joseph Gordon-Levitt Promises To Kill His Future Self In This Looper Teaser

By Josh Tyler | Published

Looper is the upcoming time travel movie from Brick director Rian Johnson. It stars Bruce Willis as a hitman sent back in time to kill a younger version of himself. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the young Bruce Willis and to survive, he’ll have to murder the man he’ll become.

It sounds pretty great and if you’ve seen Brick then you know Johnson’s meticulous style is spectacularly suited to the intricacies of time travel. You’ll get a sense of that in this teaser for the film, in which Levitt and Johnson talk about the movie and show off a few clips. Watch…

This is all a prelude to the full, first trailer for Looper, set to arrive online Thursday. Check back here then and we’ll have it for you. Or just hop in a time machine and jump forward to Thursday. Whichever works for you.

For those of you waiting on time to progress naturally, here’s Looper’s first poster to hold you over: