Bloggers Wanted: Join The GFR Fleet

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

GFR needs talented contributors. We want you. No, not all of you. Just some of you. No definitely not you. The person behind you though, you there in the back! We like the cut of your jib. We’re growing faster than we can handle on our own. To keep the hyperdrive operating at peak efficiency, we need talented and experienced bloggers with a passion for science fiction.

If you’re interested, in addition to a sci-fi obsession you’ll need at least some experience blogging on the internet. If you make the cut, you’d be required to seek out interesting, fresh, sci-fi related stories from various sources, and then give us your own spin on them. Interested writers must be able to commit to at least one blog post of medium length every day.

Writers will be paid a competitive freelance rate, depending on their level of experience.

To apply, gather up relevant writing samples, activate your hyperspace beacon and direct it to josh (at) Communications received without writing samples will be demolecularized in our particle accelerator.

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