This Star Trek Into Darkness Promo Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

The countdown to the J.J. Abrams directed Star Trek Into Darkness is entering the final phase, the phase where we’ve all got our tickets to the first IMAX showing at midnight and are contemplating how we’re going to call out sick the morning after. And maybe go see the movie again. That’s the day when we’ll finally find out the truth about Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain. Is it really a guy named John Harrison, as we’ve been told time after time? Or is he truly Khan Noonien Singh, like so many people seem to believe?

Regardless of what name he goes by, or if he connects to the larger Trek mythology, he’s is absolutely terrifying. We’ve seen that time and again, but never has it been on such prominent display as in this latest Into Darkness promotional spot. Cumberbatch’s monologue, a direct threat to one Captain James Tiberius Kirk (Chris Pine), will make your blood run cold. You’ll also hope that you never manage to piss anyone off like Kirk has pissed off this guy.

The story of Star Trek Into Darkness follows Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise as they track Harrison, or whoever he is, across the galaxy in order to bring him to justice for attacking Earth. Their journey will test them physically, mentally, and push them to the limit in every way imaginable.

This video is reminiscent of the most recent promo for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel, which uses a similar direct address in order for the main villain—Michael Shannon’s General Zod in this case—to make terrible threats.

Star Trek Into Darkness also stars Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Alice Eve, and Simon Pegg, and opens in theaters May 17.

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