First Look At John Cho Back As Sulu On Next Star Trek Set

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

As they were with the first film, Paramount remains pretty secretive about what’s going on with the filming of Star Trek: The Next (I refuse to call it Star Trek 2… we already had one of those). Everything we’ve seen before has been in the form of leaked set photos, and so here are a few more.

This is our first look at John Cho back as Sulu. He’s walking around the set between takes, chilling with his iPod. But if you look closely you can see his Sulu uniform hidden underneath that coat. In particular, check out those boots!

The images come from Zimbio where they also have a shot of Spock’s stunt double and a few of Zoe Saldana like these…

There’s a decided lack of color in any of these photos, even under their coats. Where’s Uhura’s red miniskirt or Sulu’s gold shirt? We’ve already seen evidence that they’re keeping the uniforms much the same so maybe these are special situational outfits? Space suits, perhaps?

Your guess is as good as ours. Share yours in the comments section below.