John Carter Must Match Twilight’s Box Office To Get A Sequel

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

If you’ve seen the movie’s first trailer, you’re no doubt excited about John Carter. It’s the first live action film directed by the team at Pixar and it’s based on the classic John Carter of Mars series of books. And every single frame of the trailer is brilliant. It’s a work of art. It’s the best trailer of the year. It’s achingly beautiful and if the movie is even half as good as that teaser, we’re going to want more of it. But odds are we won’t get it.

Director Andrew Stanton would like to turn John Carter into a series of films and, the material to turn this into the next big franchise is there. But NYMag says the only way Disney will greenlight another one is if this one makes $700 million.

Let’s put that number in perspective. In the entire history of film only 45 movies have ever made more than $700 million in world wide box office grosses. Numbers 35 – 45 include such monster hits as Star Wars, Spider-Man 2, The Matrix Reloaded, Transformers, and a Twilight movie. In other words, for John Carter to get sequels, it needs to be a cultural phenomenon.

Maybe that’s not entirely unreasonable, after all this is a movie from the team at Pixar and they know a thing or two about cultural phenomenons. Most of their animated movies have made more than $700 million. And Disney knows a thing or two about creating these big event movies too, after all they’re responsible for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

But you have to wonder why they’re holding John Carter to such a ridiculously high standard. After all Tron: Legacy is getting a sequel and it only made $400 million. Maybe someone should show Disney’s execs that trailer again, so they can see the potential in this franchise that we all see, when we look at it.

Here you go Disney suits, watch it again:

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