See John Carter Of Mars As Adapted By The Director Of Sky Captain Instead Of Disney

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Disney and Pixar director Andrew Stanton are currently prepping John Carter for release in the spring. The movie’s based on the classic series of sci-fi books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and since they’re so well known, Stanton wasn’t the only director who wanted a crack at them.

At one point Kerry Conran, probably best known as the director of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was in charge of turning John Carter of Mars into a movie. He even put together a pitch, which you can watch right here….

Conran’s pitch looks good, he really captures the epic scale of Burroughs world. I particularly like some of his creature designs and the fact that his Deja Thoris appropriately wears few clothes than the one we’ve seen in the Disney trailers for their movie.

However, if you’ve seen Sky Captain you know that the whole thing’s probably better off in the hands of Stanton. Sky Captain, for all its visual charms felt lifeless. Stanton knows how to cut right to the heart of any story.

Still it’s fun to look at Conran’s pitch and wonder what might of been. See more of Conran’s work over where this video originated at Looking Glass Films.