John Barrowman Would Love To Do A Doctor Who Movie With David Tennant

By Steve West | 9 years ago

John Barrowman, the swarthy and hilarious actor who plays Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood has indicated he’d be interested in doing a Doctor Who film. The caveat being that it would have to be with David Tennant. Clearly Barrowman meant no slight to Matt Smith, since he’s yet to play Captain Jack opposite the eleventh Doctor.

But the truth of the matter is that there’s no need for a Doctor Who movie, it just is unnecessary. Between the seasons, Christmas Special, and other intermittent specials I’d find a movie version to be a bit too much. Barrowman himself says that Torchwood’s format lends itself far better to a movie. I have to agree.

Barrowman also spoke briefly about his love for recent co-star Bill Pullman saying, “”For goodness sake, I fancied Bill Pullman when he did Spaceballs. I thought he was a hunk and I told him that.” My wife has met both men and can attest to their charm and inherent hunkiness, I know this because she’s mentioned it at least once before. I have no direct comments on that, although a Capt. Jack/Lonestar team up would be pretty epic. I’d be more interested in that than a Doctor Who or Torchwood movie.

OK, how do we get Russell T Davies and Mel Brooks in the same room and cajole this out of them? I’ll take Tennant back as the Doctor in a special, like the 50th anniversary, but let’s forget about him and Barrowman back together and concentrate our geek mind powers on getting Jack Harkness on that Winnebago.

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