Joe Dante-Directed Zombie Rom-Com Burying The Ex Gets A First Clip And Photos

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Living with a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, can be difficult and trying during the best of times. Being around someone that much, with nowhere to go, can weigh heavily on you and make you wonder if you made the right choice. Any doubts you have are compounded even further if your partner turns into a zombie. And that is exactly what happens in the new undead romantic comedy Burying the Ex. While that may sound like a questionable endeavor, throw in a fantastic cast and Joe “I-Freakin’-Made-Gremlins” Dante at the helm, and you’ve got our attention. Check out this new clip and handful of images and see for yourself.

Burying the Ex is the story of Max (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek), who is, by all accounts, generally a nice guy. Problems arise when he moves in with his super hot, but totally overbearing girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene, Twilight), and their relationship tanks, and hard, as she becomes super manipulative and pushy. Max knows he needs to end it, but he’s also a total chickens hit with no spine, so he doesn’t. Fate intervenes when Evelyn dies in a freak accident (bullet dodged, am I right? Death is way better than having to confront someone) and Max is free to do as he pleases, including get with potential soul mate Olivia (Alexandra Daddario, True Detective). But wait, Evelyn comes back from the dead and still wants to cohabitate with Max, much to his chagrin.

Burying the ExAnd that’s where this clip comes in, with Max attempting to come to terms with his new living situation (or maybe nonliving situation). That’s going to lead to some awkward situations. After all, who wants to make out with a frisky zombie? They start to smell after a while, and, as you can see, even though they may fall and break their necks, they’re not that easy to get rid of.

Burying the Ex is premiering this week at the Venice Film Festival, which seems like a strange match, but what the hell, what’s any film fest without at least a little bit of gory zombie action? While it definitely falls into the same subgenre as movies like Warm Bodies and even Shaun of the Dead, it looks like it could be original enough to avoid being a straight up knock off. And not to beat a dead horse, but they have Joe Fucking Dante as the director. Beyond Gremlins, he’s also responsible for The Howling, Explorers, and The ‘Burbs, which, around GFR HQ, is widely regarded as a goddamned masterpiece. That alone is enough to make us give this a chance.

Burying the ExBeyond the festival run, there’s no work on when we’ll see Burying the Ex, but you can rest assured that we’ll be keeping an eye on this one and let you know as soon as we find out anything.

Burying the Ex