J.J. Abrams WIll Stay On To Produce The Next Star Trek Movie

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Now that Disney has officially named J.J. Abrams as the new director for Star Wars: Episode VII, what will happen with Abrams’ commitments to Star Trek? The director successfully rebooted Star Trek in 2009, and later this year he will release its sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. It looks like Abrams still has a good relationship with Paramount Pictures because Abrams will still stay on at least as producer for the next Star Trek movie.

According to the LA Times, Paramount Vice Chairman Rob Moore says that J.J. Abrams will continue to be part of the revived Trek franchise, although he may or may not direct. Furthermore, Abrams will also continue to be involved with and produce the Mission: Impossible movies for Paramount. “J.J. will continue to develop projects for us including a new Mission: Impossible, and he is committed to produce another Star Trek,” Moore said.

We’re still waiting for Star Trek Into Darkness to be released in theaters, so it’s a bit premature to start discussing a possible Star Trek 3. But considering some feel Abrams stabbed Star Trek fans in the back by taking the Star Wars directing job, it’s interesting that he would return to the project as the film’s producer.

It’s also interesting to note that, when Abrams left the Mission: Impossible series after directing the third film, he anointed director Brad Bird to helm the fourth film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Could Abrams possibly do the same thing with the third Star Trek movie, now that he will immerse himself in the Star Wars universe? Let the Star Trek 3 rumors begin!

Star Trek Into Darkness will be released in theaters everywhere on May 17th in IMAX 3D.

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