J.J. Abrams On Klingons In Star Trek Into Darkness

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


J.J. Abrams is known for his secrecy, so it’s surprising when he says anything at all about Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s understandable that he wants audiences to be surprised when they watch the movie for the first time, but as the sequel film marches toward its May release date, Abrams has begun to open up about some of the secrets of Star Trek Into Darkness.

In an interview with MTV, Abrams talks about the role Klingons will play in the upcoming movie. Fans of the reboot Star Trek know that the warrior race made a brief appearance at the beginning of the film, but were ultimately cut out for pacing issues. In the deleted scene, the Klingons captured and jailed Nero and his crew. When they learned of his travels, the Klingons tried to persuade Nero to tell them about the future. But in Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams says, “Their role in this is definitely that of adversary, and you’ll see how that plays out.”

Abrams also discusses the role of Dr. Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) in the sequel. Star Trek fans know that Dr. Carol Marcus was one of James Kirk’s love interests, and eventual mother of his son David, in the original timeline. Abrams wants to point out that the movie’s momentum will not come to a screeching halt to further develop the romance between Kirk and Marcus. Abrams explains:

(Kirk) meets her fairly early on and again she plays a science officer, she’s someone who is a part of the adventure. I think Chris (Pine) is right, because it’s very much an action adventure movie and once that gets going it’s a very difficult thing to park the story. So it’s very difficult to do a romantic interlude. Her role is important, she wouldn’t be in the movie otherwise.

It’s still unclear how all of these pieces will fit together, but they will come together when the film is released this May. Many feel the addition of Carol Marcus to the cast of characters is a clue to the identity of the film’s villain, John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). Dr. Carol Marcus appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which had her working with her son, David, on the Genesis Device project, before Khan tried to turn it into a weapon.

Here’s the full MTV interview with Abrams.

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters everywhere on May 17th in IMAX 3D.

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