Jill Scott Talks About Her Role On Fringe And Her Love Of Star Trek

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Though she’s best known as a soul and R&B singer, Jill Scott has a burgeoning acting career as well. Most recently she made an appearance on the fifth and final season of Fox’s Fringe. A huge fan of the show, Scott says it was a huge joy for her to appear in the episode this past Friday, “The Human Kind,” and she admits to getting giddy and star struck shooting a scene with series star Anna Torv.

Scott, who specifically campaigned for a role on Fringe, plays the leader of a junkyard gang named Simone, who she calls a “quiet warrior,” and an “oracle” with knowledge of an important part of Walter’s plan to defeat the Observers. Simone is “a hard worker and a leader and lives pretty much in a state of exhaustion.”

She goes on to espouse her lifelong love of Star Trek and the writing of Edgar Allen Poe. As she keeps talking you start to like her more and more.

When asked what attracts her to Fringe, Scott explained how the writing on the show engages audiences and allows them to use their imaginations.

It’s slightly scary and believable. There just might be an alternate universe. There just might be people on the other side that are like us, living a different life. The thought of that is pretty intriguing – that there are that people who can stop time and change their bodies and morph into someone else. And the conspiracy theories in it all, just taps into our curiosity and makes us wonder and ponder…There are moments where I definitely grab the pillow or the blanket and gasp for breath.

She really hits the nail on the head with that one. Fringe is awash in a sense of wonder, curiosity, and the excitement of discovery. The way the show combines these elements with great characters that you actually care about is what consistently makes Fringe one of the best shows on TV. For a month or so anyway, until it ends on January 18, 2013.

What did you think of Scott’s turn on Fringe?

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