Jesse Plemons May Go Gangster, What Does That Mean For Star Wars?

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Jesse PlemonsOne of the names that has been associated with the upcoming Star War: Episode VII for months is Jesse Plemons. Along with Girls star Adam Driver, Plemons has formed the core of the casting rumors that have persisted for a long time. But a new report that links the Breaking Bad star to a Johnny Depp movie that is in the works calls into question whether or not he is actually going to be involved.

THR reports that Plemons, along with Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises), is in talks to join the cast of Black Mass, a biopic about notorious Boston gangster Whitey Bulger from Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace director Scott Cooper. Based on Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill’s best-seller Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob, the film stars Depp, Joel Edgerton, Guy Pearce, and Dakota Johnson. Sounds like kind of a big deal, right?

Most actor have multiple roles booked, especially those who are newer to the business and still trying to make a name for themselves, so that’s not uncommon to fill up your schedule if you can. Good for him, he’s getting work. The shooting schedule for the two movies, however, could prove to be an obstacle.

Episode VII is slated to begin production next month in May, and, as you expect with a big time blockbuster of this sort, production is going to continue on for many, many months. These kinds of movies, with their massive scope, scale, and size, aren’t known for their short productions. If Plemons is involved—he’s been kicked around as a possible son of Luke Skywalker—he’ll likely be busy for the foreseeable future. Right now there is no release date scheduled for Black Mass, but it looks like they’re putting the finishing touches on the cast, which seems to indicate that they’ll go into production in relatively short order. If that is the case, and if Plemons is involved, it doesn’t bode well for his adventures in that galaxy far, far away.

This doesn’t really mean anything, and is all wild speculation at this point. With a cast full of big names like Black Mass, there is bound to be some intricate juggling of busy schedules that could cause delays, so it’s possible Plemons could film one then the other. We’ve also heard that the story of Episode VII revolves around the stars of the original trilogy—Michael Arndt’s original draft supposedly focused more on the next generation. If that is the case, perhaps Plemons has a smaller role and a more limited time on set that would allow him to take on other projects.

So who really knows? Like everything with Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s all hearsay and conjecture. We know that the film will open on December 18, 2015, and beyond that, we we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Not having watched that far into Breaking Bad, I’m not super familiar with Plemons, aside from Battleship and Friday Night Lights. He plays a pretty convincing psycho in this clip. I don’t know how that will serve him in Star Wars, but, depending on the role, it could be a nice weapon to have in his arsenal for Black Mass.

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