Will Jeff Bridges Return From Digital Death In Tron 3?

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

For as hyped as Tron: Legacy was, it didn’t exactly do gangbusters at the box office. Barely earning back its budget in domestic sales, the film earned a scant $400 million worldwide, throwing plans for a sequel into question. Despite the somewhat meager box office haul and widely mediocre reviews, it would seem that Tron 3 is in fact in the works, according to an interview at io9.

Tron: Legacy writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis recently attended a roundtable for their hit show Once Upon A Time where obviously they were asked about every other project they’re working on, including Tron 3.

Adam Horowitz: We are working on a sequel. Eddie and I aren’t writing the sequel — because of the show [Once Upon a Time] we’ve moved to be co-producers on it. But there’s a script being written right now.

It is later mentioned that the first draft of the script has been completed by newbie writer Dave DiGilio, and Horowitz and Kitsis have seen it. They offer no opinions on it, of course secrecy is key this early in the scripting process, but they do let a few teasers slide that may pique your interest.

First, the pair have spoken extensively with Legacy director Joe Kosinski about the project which likely means they’ll want him back in the director’s chair, and as producers they can make that happen. Second, when asked about the fate of both Bruce Boxleitner’s Tron and Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn, a somewhat evasive answer was given.

Horowitz: I would say the definition of life and death in the digital realm…

Kitsis: Will be explored in the sequel!

It’s a bit too early for this to be the beginning of the seemingly years long media frenzy that preceded the Legacy release, but don’t expect it to be too far off. Maybe it was that I experienced it at midnight, in IMAX, in 3D, but I really enjoyed Legacy and the prospect of getting more eye candy courtesy of director Joe Kosinski has me a little bit giddy. Sure it wasn’t the best movie, but it certainly entertained. More on Tron 3 as the story (slowly) unfolds.

And yes, there will probably be plenty of Olivia Wilde in a leather suit…