Even Jedi Need To Network: Star Wars Business Cards

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Business cards come in handy for a number of people on a daily basis. You’re at a luncheon, chatting up potential future business partners, you hand them a little slab of card stock with your name, vital statistics, and contact info emblazoned across the front, and bam, you look professional as shit.

Or maybe you’re in a cantina, in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe you’re the captain of an intergalactic pirate ship and you’re trying to lighten your financial load by picking up some random space hitchhikers to help pay for gas. A bearded Jedi and his young boy companion can choose from a variety of travel options. Hand them one of your super-professional business cards, they know you’re for real, and you just made yourself some extra coin.

I’m sure the scene where Han slips Obi-Wan and Luke one of his cards was in the script originally. They probably just didn’t have time to film it. But that’s what Han’s card might look like.

An Etsy user is selling this card, along with a handful of others. The origin is in some doubt. She claims that her sister gave her these when they were children, and it’s unclear whether these are just something someone made, or if they’re actual Star Wars merch. Lucas slapped the logo on just about anything back in the day, so it’s definitely possible.

Regardless of where they come from, these are pretty fun. The only knock is that I’m not sure how they would function in an actual business environment. The point of this sort of thing is to use a little trinket to market your best qualities. In that light, these may be a bit too honest.

Take Princess Leia’s, for example. It mentions her duties in the senate, as well as her diplomatic capacities, but it also touts her ability to insult you. Not really a selling point.

The same goes for Chewie. He’s a pilot, great, a smuggler, perfect if that’s what you’re looking for, and a sore loser, one that might pull off your arms. That isn’t someone you likely want to get into business with.

Luke’s is a good example of using a business card to market himself and his skills. He’s got a background in moisture farming. That’s key on a desert planet like Tatooine. In addition to that, he’s good with a lightsaber, and can fly an X-wing if necessary. You could add things like goody-goody, or whiny little bastard, but he took the smart path and wrote “Professional Hero” instead. You can bet Obi-Wan helped him with this. An important, and often overlooked, aspect of Jedi training is learning how to network.

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