A Jedi Become With This Yoda Hoodie

By Brent McKnight | Published

Who out there doesn’t want to be Yoda? Maybe not three feet tall, wrinkled as an old shirt, and older than the dirt on which you stand, but we’re talking the wisdom of ages, in-depth knowledge of the universe, and a kickass set of lightsaber skills.

Well, now you can dress like Yoda. Sort of. While this hoodie definitely has Yoda ears, the Jedi master generally wears a raggedy little robe thing. His disheveled appearance is why Luke thinks he’s a hobo when they first meet, and is reluctant to accept that this weird little dude who talks funny is a legendary warrior. You have to admit that would be a hard sell. When you picture the ultimate badass, this isn’t what immediately springs to mind.

You may feel a little ridiculous wearing this hoodie at first, what with fabric ears flopping around on the top of your head, but you can get past that. And in case anyone thinks you’re an elf, dwarf, or any other magical creature, the Yoda logo across the chest clearly identifies who you are.

Looking like Yoda or not, this sweatshirt should do a decent job of keeping you warm. Made out of a fluffy fleece material, you should be able to snuggle deep into this to stave off the chill of a chilly, damp Dagobah night. Available in boy’s sizes eight through twenty, this thing retails for around $30. The bigger among us may have to lose some weight and suck it up to fit into even the largest of these, but that’s a small sacrifice to look even a little bit like everyone’s favorite Jedi badass.

This is the way.

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