Jedi Cops Don’t Give You The Right To Remain Silent

By Nick Venable | Published

With the glaring exception of Anakin Skywalker (in both Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen’s portrayals), you could always count on a Jedi Knight to do the right thing, and to retain a sense of dignity and loyalty while doing so. That is, until local law enforcement started hiring Jedi as beat cops. I don’t know if it’s the trivial duties of the job, or just an innate urge in everyone to lord power over others, but the Jedi cops seen in the video above are slightly less admirable than such noble Jedi as Obi Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker. But these guys are also more amusing, so it all equals out in the end.

The video comes from YouTuber Matthias, and co-stars fellow video creator JouleThief, whose own version of the video (seen below) has an alternate ending. Just like how Star Wars has that alternate ending where Chewbacca reads from the Necronomicon and the dead all rise up.

While this video isn’t as funny as the recently unveiled Star Wars blooper reel, it’s still got a good number of chuckle-worthy moments. I don’t like that it starts off with a corny “permit for a lightsaber” joke before having that culprit get away by being able to resist the Force, because that seems impossible, but I can live with it. I’m quite fond of having the guy use his own lightsaber to cut a straight line in the middle of the road to use as a sobriety test, especially since he ends up knocking the drunk guy over anyway. He’s destroying city property on a whim!

The best part, of course, involves Darth Vader not putting enough change in the parking meter. Because if there’s one thing that can definitely bring Vader down, it’s a lack of coinage. In the below alternate ending, he at least acts more accordingly, not allowing a mere Earthbound police officer dictate his behavior.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. If there’s any crime more passive than meter stiffing, it’s jaywalking down an empty street. Anything that culminates in Force-choking is a success for me. That may have something to do with why all my sexual endeavors have open endings.

Here’s another video from JouleThief that involves a time traveling navigation system.