This Japanese Doctor Who Parody May Explode Your Brain

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Doctor Who may be a multiple-heart-having alien from Gallifrey, but the reality of the situation is that, in the BBC adventure’s 50-plus-year history, he’s always been a pasty British dude. But what if the Time Lord happened to be Japanese, and from the 1970s? If that were the case, it would most likely look quite a bit like this short Doctor Who parody video that will most likely be the best thing you watch today. If it isn’t, then congratulations, because you’re day of viewing, whatever you’re watching, has been pretty damn awesome.

You really need to check this video out. Originally posted on Dave Does the Blog, this is more than worth three-minutes of your time, and will probably wind up costing you something like six, nine, 12, or some other multiple of three, depending on how many times you watch it.

Doctor WhoSome of your favorite villains are here, including a Japanese version of an iconic Dalek

Doctor Who…and the Cybermen, who are, in this incarnation, the Dalek’s henchmen. But for something that’s as wildly entertaining as this few minutes of grainy video, we’re willing to overlook a few inconsistencies or oversights.

Doctor WhoEspecially when this version of Time Lord has an especially dope fashion sense…

Doctor Who…not to mention a sonic screw sword, which definitely sounds like a euphemism for something way dirtier, and that he plays like a flute.

You’re head just might explode, but the music is absolutely perfect for watching a dude in a sweet white suit wrestle what looks like an upside down garbage can in the woods. I can’t imagine a better soundtrack.

According to the original blog post, this is not only intended as a send up of Doctor Who, but also as to lampoon that era and style of Japanese television. No matter what the aim or how close it gets to the target, this video is a damn good time, and it looks like they had just as much fun making it as you will watching it over and over again.

This will just have to hold you over until season eight kicks off on August 23, and we finally get to hang out with Peter Capaldi‘s 12th Doctor.