Jango Unchained Poster Tips Its Helmet To Tarantino

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Every once in a while you see something on the internet that you really, really wish you’d come up with yourself. It’s all the worse when the concept was, in retrospect, just laying right out there in the open, waiting to be discovered. For instance, the Mad Men “Fat Betty” parody video. I can’t believe that joke never occurred to me. It’s right there, man! Now it’s happened again, courtesy of this poster for the upcoming movie Jango Unchained by legendary filmmaker “George Tarantino.”

Created by Tumblr user AliciaRoseBane, the poster is obviously a mash-up of ill-fated Mandalorian Jango Fett and the upcoming Quentin Tarantino epic, Django Unchained. Many, many props to Alicia for not only recognizing the pun and making the poster, but for the brilliant little details such as putting Mace Windu on the horse in the background, or reversing the hands so it looks like Jango is in flight. Bravo, madam. May the Force be with you, always. (And here’s the original Jango Unchained poster for comparison.)