Even James Cameron Is Sick Of 3D

By Josh Tyler | 11 years ago

Sci-Fi movies, more than any other, are the target of Hollywood’s new 3D craze. Just about every decent, science fiction blockbuster being release this year will require the use of goofy glasses. And while 3D is fun, a lot of people are starting to wonder whether we really need 3D on every film. In fact the people asking that question includes the guy who’s largely responsible for this new fad: James Cameron.

Cameron’s Avatar is a big part of why Hollywood’s so hot for 3D. But he’s not sure it’s a good thing. Cameron vented his frustration to Deadline today:

I shoot complicated stuff, I put real elements into action scenes and honestly, I am not sold right now on the conversion process. […] Right now, it looks like fake 3D, with layers that are very apparent. You go to the screening room, you are hoping to be thrilled, and you’re thinking, huh, this kind of sucks. People can say whatever they want about my movies, but they are technically precise, and if this isn’t going to be excellent, I don’t want to do it. And it is my choice.

As Cameron points out, the problem is that most of the movies Hollywood is rushing into 3D weren’t originally designed to be in 3D. The result is a 3D experience which is, at best, cheap. For a lot movies, maybe even movies like Iron Man 2, we’re better off in 2D.

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