James Cameron Producing Robot-Fighting Show For Discovery Channel

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

James Cameron, aside from being the self-proclaimed king of the world, has earned a reputation as quite a technophile over the years. Whether it’s pioneering new 3D camera technologies so he could make Avatar, or diving the Mariana Trench solo in a specially designed submersible, the film director spends almost as much time helping push the boundaries of tech as he does actually making movies. It’s no real surprise, then, to see his name attached to a new Discovery Channel program that will cause tech geeks to squeal in glee. According to The Wrap, Cameron will be teaming with reality-show producer Mark Burnett on Robogeddon, which will pit bots against each other in fights to the death…er, disassembly.

I imagine some of you are saying, “That sounds a lot like Comedy Central’s BattleBots.” Don’t jump to conclusions, however, because on further reflection you’ll realize that Robogeddon actually sounds exactly like Comedy Central’s BattleBots. Except with James Cameron involved, so presumably everything will be visually stunning but ultimately shallow and unsatisfying. (I’m kidding, I have nothing but love for James Cameron. Well, 1991 and earlier James Cameron anyway.) BattleBots, if you recall, aired for five seasons on Comedy Central beginning in August 2000, and included certified “Science Guy” Bill Nye as the show’s “technical expert.” The show was itself an offshoot of the earlier British show Robot Wars, proving that there’s a strong desire for robot-on-robot carnage on both sides of the Pond. As for Cameron, he knows a thing or two about robot death-machines, having written and directed the first two Terminator films.

Discovery’s announcement of the show at their upfront presentation included an appearance by engineer Donald Hutson, BattleBots‘ two-time Super Heavyweight Champion, complete with one of his robotic creations (pictured below).

There isn’t much information about Robogeddon at this point other than that it exists, so how it will differentiate itself from the robot-smashing shows that came before it remains to be seen. Personally, I’m hoping they bring in Magnus, Robot Fighter to make things really interesting.

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