James Cameron Advised Schwarzenegger On Whether To Do Terminator 5

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

When Terminator Salvation  was released in 2009, Halcyon’s plan was to make several films continuing and exploring the decades-old franchise.  Unfortunately, the little matter of Halcyon’s bankruptcy got in the way of that plan.  Then Pacifor picked it up at a bankruptcy auction in 2010 and Deadline reported a year ago that none other than the original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger was attached to a fifth installment in the series.  Schwarzenegger’s move makes sense in the context of his post-gubernatorial return to action flicks, but it also seems that he had some “advising” from another significant figure from the franchise’s past: James Cameron.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Cameron revealed that he had been “quietly advising” Schwarzenegger on the potential new Terminator film.  Specifically, Cameron and the Governator spoke about what the film should look like if Schwarzenegger was to participate:

“I was trying to be as encouraging as possible. Frankly, at that time, I thought it needed to be more about him,” Cameron said. “I told him he should not do it until it’s focused on his character or he shouldn’t do it. I think there are some great stories that can be told about that character that haven’t even been thought of yet.”

On first blush, Cameron’s “advice” to Cameron reeks of egoism – Schwarzenegger shouldn’t participate unless the film is all about his character.  Might Cameron be right about the potential stories connected to the Schwarzenegger-model cyborg, though?  It is likely to be a while until we know what exactly Terminator 5 will shape up to be, seeing as it currently has no director or studio attached.