Iron Sky Producers Turn To Fan Feedback While Shaping The Sequel

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

IronSky2There’s no question that the rise of the Internet and social media has utterly changed the relationship between content creators and content consumers. Fans can now share their thoughts about their favorite movies and shows not just with their group of local friends, but with the whole damn planet…and often directly with the creators of those very movies and shows. I remember how amazing it seemed during the original run of Babylon 5 that the guy who created it regularly interacted with fans online, but that’s more the rule than the exception these days. And when harnessed properly, that can be a good thing. But even fan-beloved creators like Joss Whedon would probably draw the line at actually sending an unfinished script out to fans to solicit their opinions about it. The producers of Iron Sky — and more to the point, its upcoming sequel — had no such qualms.

Iron Sky if you recall, is best known as “that movie with moon Nazis.” And if ever there was a movie that lived up to the descriptor of “that movie with moon Nazis,” Iron Sky is it. Will Iron Sky 2 surpass the original in terms of sheer enjoyable ridiculousness, and in terms of Nazis on the moon? We can but hope, but it seems the sequel’s producers are taking steps. And those steps involve emailing the damn script to over a thousand fans to get feedback. Now to be fair, this wasn’t just a random decision on the part of the producers; it’s one of the rewards from Iron Sky 2’s crowdfunding campaign. But I still don’t envy whoever has to real all those notes from the fans. “Dear sirs, I was sorely disappointed in the script, so I have enclosed my own…”

Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola insists that only “the best and strongest feedback” will make it into the final film, but they still consider this process a valuable and worthwhile one. He told THR, “We’ve always been pioneering on with ideas other filmmakers shun upon, and sending the script to the fans is definitely an ultimate one of them.”

Still, Vuorensola says that collaboration with the fans is both beneficial and something that traditional Hollywood studios would never consider. “For us, it’s the opposite and the only way,” insists Vuorensola. “With the power of our fans we can make this film happen and get it out there day and date across the world.”

Iron Sky: The Coming Race, in addition to saving some porn producer the trouble of creating a punny parody title, raised some $150,000 with its Indiegogo campaign. You can see a trailer below. (For the real movie, not the porn version.)