Iron Sky: The Coming Race Trailer: Jesus Kicks Way More Ass Than You Thought

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

When you think of Jesus, you know, the Son of God whose birthday much of the world is getting ready to celebrate in a few weeks, you probably think of many things. Feeding the masses, dying for your sins, and just generally being a good dude. However, if you don’t think of him tearing himself off of a shoddily constructed crucifix and blasting machine guns into the sky while laughing maniacally, you probably should. And if you’re having trouble visualizing this unusual scenario, never fear, you just need to watch this new teaser trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

The last trailer we saw for the sequel to 2012’s gonzo, Nazis-on-the-moon picture, showed us Adolf Hitler riding a dinosaur, and you may have asked yourself how they planned to top that. And this is a solid answer to that question. Even if you don’t think they upped the ante for themselves, you have to at least admit that this is on a similar level, craziness wise.

This isn’t an official trailer for a movie that’s about to come out, no this, like the last trailer, is a part of their fundraising campaign. Iron Sky: The Coming Race is still trying to scrape together the cash and resources to begin production, and have gone the route so many filmmakers are taking these days, turning to crowdfunding. They have an Indiegogo page set up, and are trying to raise $500,000. And at this point they need all the help they can get. Their run ends on December 20, which is just 10 days away, and though they’ve raised $283,000 plus, that’s only 57% of their ultimate goal.

While this may not be from the actual movie, what you see here is indicative of the batshit insanity that director Timo Vuorensola, the Finnish filmmaker who helmed the first Iron Sky, and company plan to bring to The Coming Race. Set 20 years after the original, the world has been ravaged by nuclear fallout. I have no idea who or what the Dudesons are, but they are the ones who shared this trailer, and apparently one of them is the guy playing Jesus. But I don’t care about that, because here is the insane description that accompanies the video:

Guess what, I’m playing Jesus in the next Iron Sky movie! Jesus Dudeson riding dinosaurs and shooting machine guns, what more could you ask for a movie role… Oh yeah, teaming up with Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckenberg, Margaret Thatcher etc. to destroy the world.

Yeah, this needs to happen. I need this movie to exist and be in my life so, so bad. And if that still isn’t enough to convince you of the mayhem in store for moviegoers if Iron Sky: The Coming Race meets their funding goal, check out the first trailer:

We’ve heard that Jurassic World might have some folks riding on dinosaurs, but I guarantee you they’ve got nothing on Hitler astride a T-Rex. Should they raise enough money, Iron Sky: The Coming Race plans to start production sometime in 2015, and they have an eye for a release sometime in 2016. Are you in?

Iron Sky The Coming Race

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