New iPhone Case Lets Everyone Know How Much You Pon Farr Star Trek

By Brian Williams | 8 years ago

Ever find yourself at an airport waiting on your flight and wanting to nonchalantly strike up a conversation with the attractive person sitting next to you about your undying love for Star Trek? Me neither, but now if the mood strikes you, you have an option other than trying to Vulcan nerve pinch strangers and spending the next 3 hours in a TSA holding cell. Now available on Etsy, the Spock Ear iPhone case is a way to replace your boring everyday human ears with something a little more pointed.

Artist Jeff Chris is selling the Spock Ear iPhone case for just $15 on his Graphicpals Etsy store. This design is sure to draw the attention of any Trekkie in the room. If you personally don’t like Spock (weirdo) then you can always tell everyone it’s a Romulan Ear. If Star Trek isn’t your thing at all then voila! It’s an elf ear phone, albeit an elf with really well groomed sideburns. The possibilities are virtually endless, as long as you can only count to three.

If your closet is filled with costume tees that everyone else is embarrassed to been seen with you in (I don’t care what you say, my Chewbacca bandoleer tee looks hella awesome) then this phone case is probably next on your must buy list. You might also like some of Graphicpals other case designs, such as a really cool one of Han Solo in carbonite and one that’s modeled after R2-D2. Now the search is on to find a sweat band that looks like a Klingon forehead so I can look cool when I’m jogging too.

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