Interstellar Teases Mankind’s Fate With Starry New Poster

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

interstellarThere is a sense of fate looming over the new poster for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming space epic Interstellar, and I’m not talking about the “coming soon” message at the bottom. It’s this tagline: “Mankind was Born on Earth. It was Never Meant to Die Here.” A sentence like that implies that mankind has evolved for some specific purpose, and that we were meant to move outward into the stars. Considering Interstellar‘s plot allegedly involves wormholes, human space travel, and possibly even time travel, I guess it’s not completely out of the box to think that Nolan may have grand ideas behind this story that we can’t possibly predict at this point.

So what else can this poster tell us? For one, I really like how the marketing (which is pretty much comprised of this poster and a teaser trailer) has stuck to keeping the Interstellar title on a vertical axis. It’s a simple tactic to reference a plot about going up into the ether, but it’s extremely effective.

Also, it seems to be set out on some mostly empty farmland, which also ties into the teaser trailer. All the bright lights bring to mind abduction movies, especially since it seems to be enveloping the two people standing on the road below. But this isn’t the light of a tractor beam at all, and more like a zoomed out view at the universe as a whole. Just brighter, probably. Or maybe this is supposed to symbolize the liftoff of a rocket, or a wormhole like the ones in Donnie Darko, just scaled up quite a bit.

Take a peek at the previously mentioned teaser to see just how connected these two pieces of marketing are.

I’m assuming that the figures in the poster are Matthew McConnaughey’s character and perhaps his daughter. The end of the teaser isn’t quite clear about that point either. Maybe it’s someone else holding his daughter’s hand as he takes off into space.

We will probably know more about Interstellar — or at least what it looks like — very soon, as the first theatrical trailer is set to screen before that other ridiculously anticipated movie, Godzilla. But we’re certain the Internet is going to deliver the goods before then.

I’d love to take the rest of the afternoon finding “secret” writings hidden on the poster in the stars surrounding the title, but I guess it’s just best to wait until we know a little more about it to make further conclusions. With a cast that includes Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Caine, and many more, Interstellar is set to make minds melt when it hits theaters on November 7.