Interstellar Magazine Covers Contain Out Of This World Details

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

InterstellarNow that we’re roughly a month removed, and the summer blockbuster season is behind us (it is now officially fall), we can turn our attention to the rest of the year. Though there’s not a ton of sci-fi on the docket, there are a few smaller titles hitting, and two of the most notable films of the last quarter of 2014 fall into of favored genre: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 and, perhaps the most exciting, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Interstellar blasts off first, and if you’ve been paying attention over the last week or so, you’ve been treated to a number of new posters. That’s not enough for them, however, as the film has taken over the cover of Empire magazine, but it’s what is inside those covers that is most interesting.

Looking at the images of star Matthew McConaughey on these variant covers, it’s nothing you haven’t already seen a bunch of times before. Similar images have popped up on posters, as stills, and even in trailers. We don’t know much about the plot of Interstellar, but we do know that McConaughey’s character Cooper is going to wear a space suit and walk on the surface of at least one, possibly more, distant alien worlds.

InterstellarIn the near future, global climate changed has gotten so bad that the world looms perilously close to total collapse. Much of the planet resembles a Great Depression era-esque dust bowl, and it’s beyond the point of repair, so Cooper and a team of explorers must travel through a newly discovered wormhole in order to search for a new planet on which to settle. Those are pretty high stakes.

We still don’t have much more in the way of details than that but Nolan did share a little teaser about Interstellar:

It’s a very classically constructed movie, but the freshness of the narrative elements really enhance it. I liken it to the blockbusters I grew up with as a kid, family films in the best sense: edgy, incisive, challenging.

That may not tell you a ton, as far as specifics go, but it does give you a sense of what Nolan is going for. It continues to sound like he’s trying to capture a sense of hope and wonder, the kind of feelings you have when you look up at the stars as a kid and imagine the endless possibilities up there. We haven’t had a good, insightful film of this ilk in a long time, and the prospect of that makes Interstellar even more enticing.

InterstellarNolan even goes on to compare his latest film to his last non-Batman movie, Inception, mostly, however, to point out how Interstellar is not like Inception. He says, “It’s almost a mirror image of Inception. It expands out in the way Inception contracts inwards.”

Again, that doesn’t reveal much, mechanics wise, but it will certainly be interesting to see how this idea manifests itself onscreen.

In addition to McConaughey, Interstellar stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine, David Oyelowo, Wes Bentley, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Topher Grace, David Gyasi, Mackenzie Foy, Bill Irwin, Timothée Chalamet, and Matt Damon, and opens everywhere in IMAX on November 7.