International Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Is Full Of Cumberbatch And Explosions

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

“I will walk over your cold corpses.”

Well, finally! Benedict Cumberbatch’s eviller-than-shit John Harrison is at last only 80% of a mystery to the population rather than 99% of one. We’ve written a lot about Star Trek Into Darkness here on Giant Freakin’ Robot over the past few years or so (estimation), but this is one of the first times where I actually felt almost as excited as I would be in a theater. Am I a five-year-old boy obsessed with brooding villains and explosions? Apparently.

The new international trailer for Abrams’ Trek sequel has arrived, and boy does it contain a spoiler or two about Cumberbatch’s role. So if you’re interested in going into the film knowing nothing about it, as Damon Lindelof would have you do, then just skip this trailer altogether, and stop reading. For the rest of you, ready yourself for a lot of falling ships, falling people, and lens flares a plenty.

“I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I can do,” is exactly the kind of hero line that Kirk needs to make every time he’s on screen. Kirk and Cumberbatch’s John Harrison — if that’s your real name — have a score to settle with each other, and we get to sort of see what leads up to that.

Apparently Harrison was one of Starfleet’s top agents who had something to do with an attack in London. Leaders die in an explosion, and now Kirk is going to assume responsibility for everything, even when he’s advised against it, perhaps because Harrison is antagonizing him to do so. Okay, so we’re not clear on everything just yet, but this is still more than I expected Abrams & Co. to give away with nearly two months left to go before the film’s release on May 17th (May 15th in IMAX theaters).

If you’ll notice at 1:42 in the video, Harrison is being escorted by red shirts to the front and sides, while Kirk and Spock pick up the flank. Would anyone like to bet just how long these guys make it beyond that particular scene?