Is The International Space Station Wearing An Enterprise Costume?

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

iss moon2
In the beginning, art imitated life, with cave paintings and such. At some point, life began imitating art. (Such as that cave paintings improv group that’s all the rage.) Star Trek has for years intrigued both fans and non-fans alike with the technologies created for the franchise, and how these futuristic advancements could help human beings in the present. Not that we’re bitter, scientists!

So I have to ask, “Did somebody turn the International Space Station into the U.S.S. Enterprise and not tell anybody?” The folks over at Scientific AMerican brought to light a picture from Romanian photographer Maximilian Teodorescu earlier this month, taken as the ISS crossed the face of the Moon. Here’s the full picture, to give you a sense of the scale.

iss moon

This is like fate or something, right? I mean, the future is now, people! We can’t just sit around assuming changes are going to happen without us. We must take a stand and contact our local Congressperson and ask them why we haven’t been told about the ISS’ sci-fi facelift! Yeah, I realize it’s just a coincidence, and that in order for it to really look like the Enterprise, it would need a big-ass disc up top.

enterprise 2
“I wipe the bottom of my boots with Space Stations.”

Really, the ISS looks like a mosquito in the world of Galaga, but regardless of covert spacecraft pop culture makeovers, it’s a gorgeous photograph.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve last captured the silhouette of the ISS over the Sun or Moon,” Teodorescu wrote. “This time the background was the Moon, in plain daylight, with the Sun still hanging at 26 degrees above the horizon.”

I bet if you listen really closely, the next time the ISS passes by overhead, you’ll be able to hear the Autobot roll call.