UK Prometheus Trailer Has A Slightly Different But Equally Awesome Look At Ridley’s Film

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Over the weekend our minds were blown by the all new, full-length trailer for Prometheus. In theory Prometheus is the new Ridley Scott directed prequel to Alien, but that trailer made it look like oh so much more. To say that’s one of the best trailers ever made is a barely adequate description, and this international version is just about as good.

Below you’ll find the UK trailer for Prometheus. It mixes in a little new footage while remaining absolutely stunning. Here’s your invitation…

The more we see of this movie the more it seems clear that Noomi Rapace is the real star of Ridley Scott’s deep space story. Move over Charlize Theron, the girl with the dragon tattoo is the new Ripley and it couldn’t possibly look better.