International Prometheus Poster Gives Great Head

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

If there’s been one defining image from the Prometheus marketing, aside from Ridley Scott hemming and hawing about whether it’s connected to Alien, it’s been that big giant head. We don’t know what it means, or whose noggin it’s supposed to be, but there’s no question that it plays a significant role in Scott’s upcoming return to big-screen science fiction. Now the international poster for Prometheus has made its way online, and guess what is prominently featured? You betcha:

It’s basically the same concept as one of the earlier images we’ve seen, only from a different angle and more poorly lit. I guess maybe international audiences like things murky? The world at large also gets the tag line plastered across Head-y Lamar’s cheek: “The search for our beginning could lead to our end.” Here’s the earlier shot for comparison:

It’s all very cryptic and tells us not one damn thing, except that there is a big head in this movie. Which we already knew. To learn more, well, we’ll probably have to wait until Prometheus comes out on June 8th.