The First Installment Of The Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Motion Comic Storms Online

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Eventually Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison plan to turn their epic sci-fi story Dinosaurs vs. Aliens into a feature film, possibly a trilogy. You’ll have to wait for a while to see that version. However, the graphic novel from the Men in Black director and the comic book legend was released by Dynamite back in June, and now the first chapter of the motion comic adaptation has appeared online.

The plot of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens should be self-explanatory. It tells the story of a secret conflict between the giant reptiles who inhabited the Earth millions of years ago and extraterrestrial invaders. Morrison told Comic Book Resources:

Like Snakes on a Plane the project title leaves no doubt as to what to expect from the movie…so the trick was to deliver on the basics but also create an engrossing, epic story with a cast of diverse and memorable characters, both reptile and extra-terrestrial. We’ve talked about a different name for the movie when it comes out, but no matter what, I’m hoping Dinosaurs vs. Aliens will be part of the title somewhere.

There’s obviously more to the story than just the dinosaurs fighting aliens, though the basics are all inherent in the title. The aliens have essentially wrecked their home world and have no recourse but to leave and find another inhabitable planet. Too bad the dinosaurs are already there, and are much more intelligent than we presently suspect. What happens next involves the vs. part of the title.

The team up of Yahoo! and Liquid Comics features artwork by Mukesh Singh (Devi, Shadow Hunter).

What do you think of the first chapter of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens? Will you watch chapter two?

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