Jurassic World Connects To Jurassic Park Via This Insane Theory

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

jurassic worldWhen the Jurassic World trailer hit the Internet the other day, it sent shockwaves all around the world. (If you’d have been holding a glass of water when it happened, you’d have seen the ripples.) The elaborate teaser has inspired quite a few avenues of conjecture on where this film might be taking the franchise, but one person has offered up the notion that this sequel is, in a sense, a direct result of one particular scene in the original Jurassic Park. Remember Coupon Day?

There was a scene in Jurassic Park in which the grimy lawyer Gennaro is waxing on about how much money they’re going to rake in from customers paying exorbitant amounts of money per ticket, which Hammond challenges by saying everyone in the world has the right to enjoy the animals in the park. That’s when Gennaro utters the memorable, seemingly jokey line, “We’ll have a coupon day or something.” You’ll find your visual reminder below.

Cut to 20 years later, and massive throngs of people are embarking on the new and “improved” Jurassic World, and two young boys are being told that a grown-up is proud of them for heading out to the park (without adult supervision). Neither of these scenarios sounds like ones that would result from top-dollar ticket prices, so Reddit user JamesRenner hypothesizes that Jurassic World does, in fact, take place on a Coupon Day.

Now, Gennaro ended up getting chomped during Jurassic Park, but even though the technology in both the film’s world and the real-life film world have changed immensely in the past 20 years, nothing about the urge to make lots of money is different. We want to believe that John Hammond’s kind spirit has passed on to others, but they’ve got to be funding that genetic hybrid research with something. And I’m betting two young boys wouldn’t be able to afford the big-ticket prices, which means they’d probably have received some kind of a coupon, whether from a contest or by earning it in some way.

Yes, it’s a crazy theory, and it’s one that doesn’t even really have a huge impact on the basic plot of “Chris Pratt vs. on-the-loose dinosaurs.” It shines potential light on Judy Greer’s character in the opening, as she doesn’t really seem to be these kids’ mother, and it’s unclear why she’s proud of them for going. Maybe they’re the offspring of someone in the original movie, and she’s been their caretaker, and she harangued someone to get them the coupons so she could have one day of goddamned rest for once in her life!!! Or maybe I”m projecting.

jurassic world
This is a “My backyard was hilly when I bought it and no, I don’t know about any missing people” smile.

Jurassic World‘s new website has incited a few theories of its own amid the actual factoids, particularly the inclusion of a familiar T-Rex.

Does the Coupon Day theory hold water?

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