Independence Day Sequels Happening With Or Without Will Smith

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Director Roland Emmerich has been trying to get a sequel to his top grossing 1996 alien invasion movie, Independence Day for several years now, and at last it’s happening. Will Smith had been their biggest obstacle, he wanted a lot of money to return for a sequel and Emmerich (wisely) refused to do a sequel without him. Now though, Fox is involved and they’re determined to make more Independence Day no matter what, and they’ve decided to move forward with or without Will Smith.

The plan is and has always been to make not one, but two Independence Day sequels back to back. Vulture says they still want Will but they’ve shifted their focus to getting two good scripts. They expect to have those finished by December of this year, and then it’s on to the next step.

The good news here, is that Will Smith hasn’t actually committed to anything else. He has room in his schedule to throw himself back into the world of Independence Day, the movie that launched him on the path to becoming Hollywood’s biggest box office star.

Little is known about what they’re planning for the plot of the two sequels, but back in 2009 when everyone was still high on hope and change, Roland Emmerich said here that the sequel story he had in mind was inspired by Barack Obama. Of course at the time, he also said he’d never make another Independence Day movie without Will Smith.

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