Independence Day 2 May Add Liam Hemsworth, Get The Specifics

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

hunger games mockingjayAfter spending so much time talking about what characters may or may not come back to the explosion-filed world of Independence Day 2, nobody around here has really considered what it might be like to get all-new characters in the highly anticipated sequel. It appears 20th Century Fox and director Roland Emmerich have reached out to Liam Hemsworth for a lead role in the picture. Wait, did I just say Chris Hemsworth?!? Oh, no, I didn’t.

The news comes from TheWrap, who claim that Hemsworth’s offer has been repeated by several sources, though nothing official has been released. Oddly enough, Hemsworth hasn’t responded to the offer just yet. I guess the Hunger Games star has to take a long hard look at his career to see if there’s another mega-blockbuster waiting for him out there somewhere. Does Thor have another brother who gets introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Unfortunately, Hemsworth’s offer isn’t attached to any kind of a character description or any clue as to what kind of story this second film will tell. The film’s release is set to coincide with the original’s 20th anniversary, so it’s likely that we’ll be dealing with an Earth that has advanced itself following the devastation caused in the first film, with some building-crushing alien technology at their disposal.

Jeff Goldblum is interested in coming back, and has said that Emmerich has a role for him, but that’s unconfirmed. How amazing/non-amazing would it be if Hemsworth played David Levinson’s science genius buddy. Just slap a pair of glasses on his face. Everyone believes the Hemsworth brothers can play smart guys, right?

blackhatOkay, maybe not, but they sure do get dragged around by dudes in the same manner.

Previous rumors stated Michael B. Jordan was being eyed for a role, presumably in relation to Will Smith’s character, but that was a while back, and before Smith definitively said that he isn’t coming back. And it’s always possible Bill Pullman will return for another inspirational speech, although he’ll have left the presidency far behind by that point. (Unless alien technology also allows presidents to be elected for 7 terms in a row.)

The second half of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay comes out later this year, and Hemsworth has a handful of other films to complement that. He’ll be seen opposite Billy Bob Thornton in Matt Shakman’s thriller Cut Bank, opposite Woody Harrelson (again) in Kieran Darcy-Smith’s western By Way of Helena, and opposite Kate Winslet in Jocelyn Moorhouse’s comedic revenge drama The Dressmaker.

Are you guys ready to see a Hemsworth brother punching aliens in the head and running away from explosions?

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