Incredible Tron: Legacy Images

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1Disney unveiled Tron 2 today at the San Diego Comic Con. Scratch that, they unveiled Tron: Legacy, since that’s what they’ve decided to call it. Below is a ton of amazing concept art from the movie which was shown at the panel. Feast your eyes on this:

All of it looks utterly amazing. One very minor point of concern though. Most of the vehicles look like they have lights inside them shining out. One of the cool, and very different things about Tron was that it didn’t look like the lightcycles or the people had lights inside them or on them… they looked like they were lights. It’s a subtle difference, one which, as awesome, amazing and eye-popping as these images are, I don’t think they’ve quite captured. Still it’s early, this is only concept art and I can’t wait to see where they go with it.