At Inception Park, Roller Coasters Don’t Need Tracks

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Theme park designers are constantly trying to one-up each other and find a way to create rides ever more thrilling, ever more death-defying. Still, there is only so far you can take things. Eventually you run up against the limits of human biology and the laws of physics. But what if you didn’t have to worry about the laws of physics? Think of the rides you could conjure up if the rules of the cosmos went right out the window.

That’s sort of the premise behind Inception Park, a short film created by Black Sheep Films. The BSF crew have taken the lovely scenery of Buenos Aires and added all manner of spectacular and impossible rides, such as roller coasters that zip around the architecture without tracks, or spinning rides that pop in and out of building windows. It makes me want a season pass.

The name, of course, is a reference to Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending movie Inception, although that does raise one issue. If this theme park is inside the dreamscape, wouldn’t the rides constantly “kick” the riders awake?