Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Timeline For Some Reason Left Out The Alien Vs. Predator Movies

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

You know what I hated? History textbooks with timelines accompanying the beginning of the chapters. I remember getting quizzed on these before we even got into the chapter and learned about the events themselves. If that’s not an example of memorization over learning, I don’t know what is. The best kind of timeline is one in which you’re mostly aware of all the timestamps included, and their relativity to each other can be appreciated.

IGN made webpage-dragging history a while back by bringing the Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Timeline into existence. It’s a well-crafted and beautiful drift through fictional time, with a quickly scrolling foreground set in front of a slowly scrolling background, giving it a vague 3-D feel.

From 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s 4,000,000-year-old sighting of the monolith, past the relative modernity of Escape From L.A., all the way to The Time Machine‘s childlike Eloi, you can view the time settings and brief synopses for dozens of films, some of which appear multiple times because time travel is a bitch, you know?

There are some notable exclusions, but naming any of them would be a non-non-heinous thing to split hairs over. It’s an admirable achievement that I’d like to somehow put on my wall, whenever walls are completely digitized. If I can offer you a piece of advice before you look at it, just please, please don’t let the Timecop references touch. It’ll mess your computer up big time.

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