See Iconic SF Scenes Rendered In Lego

By David Wharton | Published

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There are people out there who are serious when it comes to Legos. Like, seriously serious. And when that Lego obsession smashes headlong into passionate fanboyism, sometimes that gives birth to capital-A Awesomeness. If you want some examples of that awesomeness, look no further than The Living Brick. Yes, to answer your unasked question, that would be an awesome superhero name. The Living Brick, however, is a website dedicated to folks making cool stuff out of Legos. In honor of the 35th anniversary of Star Wars, the LB folks recently challenged their readers to build and submit photos of microscale vignettes depicting scenes from famous SF movies or TV shows. You can check out all the entries right here, but we’ve picked out some of our favorites to post below. It’s enough to awaken a guy’s inner Lego maniac…

It’s only appropriate to start with a scene from the movie being celebrated. Pellaeon‘s “Pursuit Over Tatooine” recreates one of the most iconic scenes in movie history, the opening space battle from Star Wars. I love the use of the translucent green brick to simulate blaster fire.

“When this baby hits 88 miles per hour…we’re gonna see some serious shit.” Nolnet‘s “1.21 Gigawatts” is a perfect minimalistic ode to Marty and Doc Brown’s moment of triumph. All they need is a jubilant Doc dancing in the street.

“They’ve gone to plaid!” I love this one because it’s not immediately apparent what it’s supposed to be recreating, but once you make the connection, it becomes brilliant. Nice work, Carlmerriam.

Pedro Vezini‘s “Deep Core” is my personal favorite of the lot, not least because it’s referencing one of my favorite SF movies of all time: James Cameron’s The Abyss. The complexity of the Deep Core model, the submersible, the use of black bricks to suggest the impenetrable depths of the trench, I love it all.