Iconic Movies Reimagined with Zombies

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an incredible film.  As is The Empire Strikes Back.  But you know what would make them more incredible?  Shambling, decomposing, flesh-eating zombies.  And, while it may be a Herculean task to go back and put the living dead into all our favorite movies, remaking their posters to see what it might be like isn’t.  Artist and illustrator Matt Busch has put out a great collection of alternate movie posters that re-imagine classics and blockbusters of all genres as zombie movies.  It is called Hollywood is Dead, and it is awesome.

What makes this different from other zombie-fied posters and fan art out there in cyberspace? Busch is an experienced poster artist and illustrator who has been working on film posters, video games, and trading cards for years.  He even created the covers for a series of Night of the Living Dead comics and graphic novels written by George A Romero himself.  As a professional artist with such experience in the zombie arts, then, the easy route of just Photoshopping some guts and gore onto an iconic movie poster wouldn’t cut it.  Instead, Busch painted all 47 of the posters down to their smallest detail before desecrating them in a most delightful way.

Your usual nerdy suspects are present in his gallery: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings.  But some of the best posters are cheeky takes on old and new classic films you wouldn’t usually associate with zombies.  There’s The Princess Died, Gnaws, and Breakfast is Tiffany, as well as Toy Gory.

You can see these posters and dozens more over at Hollywood is Dead.  You can even buy copies, t-shirts, and original art.

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