Ian McDiarmid Wants To Return To Star Wars As Emperor Palpatine

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Emperor Palpatine is one of the best Star Wars villains of all time. The mastermind behind the Clone Wars and the force (no pun intended) that brought down the Galactic Republic has been a fan favorite for decades, but now that Disney and Lucasfilm have plans to resurrect the Star Wars series on the big screen with Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015, what will become of the most iconic character in the Star Wars universe?

In an interview with SciFiNow, Ian McDiarmid, the actor behind Emperor Palpatine, talked about the future of the gleefully evil Sith Lord. Although McDiarmid doesn’t believe Palpatine survived the fall at the end of Return of the Jedi, and would most likely not return in Star Wars: Episode VII, McDiarmid suggests that the cunning Darth Sidious could return to one of the Star Wars spin-off movies Disney and Lucasfilm are planning on making in the future. McDiarmid says:

Yes, I’m sort of interested in any future development he might have. Unfortunately, as you probably know, he died at the end of Episode VI, Vader sent him to cosmic hell so he’s not going to feature in any of the new Disney ones, I don’t think. On the other hand they’ve got lots of exciting ideas for spin-offs about separate characters and so on, and then there is the television series which George has talked about and decided to make into being for a number of years, and that takes place between Episodes III and IV when the Emperor is very much alive. So I think he probably does have a future.

Emperor Palpatine (or should I say Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) could certainly return to the Star Wars universe if Disney and Lucasfilm plan to make a spin-off movie set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. This would-be movie (or TV series) would be a good way to bridge the gap between the two Star Wars eras.

Although there is no official word on whether or not Disney and Lucasfilm will pursue a Star Wars TV series, it is very likely to happen considering the franchise’s popularity. In the past, Ian McDiarmid has been very vocal about being eager to reprise the Sith Lord role for the possible Star Wars TV series.


  1. MDS0LDI3R says:

    According to the expanded universe of star wars(the books) palpatine is dead, the expanded universe was closely watched by George Lucas to depict his vision of the Star Wars Universe. So palpatine is dead, deal with it, lets just hope the next movies wont some kind of crappy reboot..

    • Lukas Benke says:

      Well, then obviously he didn’t watched it enough, since Palpatine did survive, using powerful Sith Magic to transfer his Spirit to a Clone Body. From the EU Star Wars Fans know how Powerful Sith can be, and there was another Sith-Emperor who survived many things that should have killed him (see “The Old Republic”), even one of the most Powerful Jedi couldn’t kill him. And since Darth Sidious is said to be one of the most Powerful Sith, it’d be strange for him to die so fast. I know George Lucas had a thing for turning previous canon into non-canon, but know that Disney owns Star Wars, he can’t anymore, at least not that freely. What Disney plans and will do, of course, is another Question, but let’s hope the best.

      And because of all this, if the Movies play after Episode VI, he could appear without it being a “crappy reboot”.

  2. Rob Graydon says:

    If the Jedi can come back as apparitions, why not the Sith?

  3. Nick Anteau says:

    well, he was cloned……

  4. Dane Germhaus says:

    Palpatine is cloned and causes a whole bunch of trouble, and even ends up training Luke Skywalker for a time. Dark Empire with darkhorse comics i think.