Two New Hunger Games TV Spots

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

It is officially one month until The Hunger Games hits theaters across the United States. Lionsgate has been feeding the masses a steady stream of marketing for the film since at least summer 2011 (when they handed out large posters and mockingjay pins at Comic Con International), and waging carefully staged online campaigns that sorted fans into their Districts, provided regular “updates” on the tributes, and sent out messages from President Snow. The last few months have brought the traditional theatrical tailers and promo spots, including two new 30-second spots released on Wednesday.

Both spots heavily feature the same footage of tribute selection and Katniss’s volunteering as every other trailer for the film, but the first spot focuses primarily on Katniss and her little sister, Primrose. The message of this spot is how much Katniss loves her family and the fact that she will put her life on the line to protect them.

The second splits a little more of its time between Katniss and Peeta. We get a glimpse of the two tributes attempting to make intense impressions in the training arena, during which Peeta “demonstrates his strength” by tossing what appears to be a handled medicine ball at a shelf. It also gives us a view of what must be the control room for the Hunger Games, with a large compliment of operators and a sweet holographic display of the arena. This suggests that fans of the novels might get a better look in the film at how the Hunger Games actually work and are controlled.

The trailers and clips released so far seem to strike a good balance between setting up the world and story for newcomers and hinting at changes and interesting additions of interest to fans of the novels (like the significance of the mockingjay pin and the control room scene). Fandango has already announced that Hunger Games has surpassed the Twilight films and earned the highest first-day sales in the company’s history, so Lionsgate is obviously doing something right.

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