Hunger Games Super Bowl Trailer Ends With The X-Files Themesong

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Super Bowl trailer for The Hunger Games has hit the internet early. Why wait to debut it during the multi-million dollar advertising time you paid for when you can unceremoniously release it on the internet on some random Thursday morning? Makes sense, I guess?

So here’s the new Hunger Games trailer. Watch and we’ll talk more after the jump.

In theory The Hunger Games is based on a best-selling book about a dystopian future where teenagers forced to compete in a contest of skill, battling to the death. But after watching this trailer all I really have to say is…

Another trailer like this and I’m going to start wondering if this is based on a kissing book.

Weirder still, the end of the trailer seems to have incorporated the X-Files theme. Play the last nine seconds again then compare it to this…

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