Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Might Have To Choose Between That Franchise And More X-Men

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

File this one under the category of “Nice Problems To Have.” Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who you might have seen playing young Mystique in last summer’s rather awesome X-Men: First Class, is about to become a huge star courtesy of this weekend’s The Hunger Games release. That film, as you may have heard, is poised to be a gigantic hit, which means Ms. Lawrence will become a bona fide hot commodity. The battle to lay claim to her schedule is already shaping up, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently studio insiders are whispering about a potential scheduling kerfuffle between the next Hunger Games installment and the new X-Men sequel, with Lawrence caught right in the middle.

As I said, as far as problems go, “Which multi-million-dollar franchise do I commit to first?” can’t quite compete with “Where am I getting the next meal for my children?” but such is the surreal landscape of Tinseltown. Lionsgate wants to shoot the HG follow-up Catching Fire this summer, which could cause it to butt up against Fox’s planned fall shoot for the untitled X-Men: First Class sequel. Supposedly nobody’s breaking out the torches and pitchforks just yet, and one of Lawrence’s reps says that both studios are “making accommodations for her.” If it did come down to a stand-off, however, THR’s insiders suggest that Fox’s option on Lawrence would trump Lionsgate’s, since Lawrence wasn’t cast in The Hunger Games until well after she signed on the line which is dotted with Fox.

You can see Lawrence as heroine Katniss Evergreen in The Hunger Games, opening in theaters this Friday, March 23rd.