What The Hunger Games Could Have Looked Like If Made By Someone Else

By Rudie Obias | 9 years ago

Years before Gary Ross got the job to direct The Hunger Games, director Kevin Tancharoen got a chance to pitch the author of the young adult series, Suzanne Collins, for what he envisioned for the post-apocalyptic class warfare parable. His pitch came packaged in a sizzle reel fan-made trailer. Although he didn’t get the job, his version of The Hunger Games gives more of a sci-fi angle to the source material than what Gary Ross made in the final picture. Check out the fan-made pitch trailer below:

While the sci-fi heavy fan-made pitch trailer is enticing, it’s far too slick and glossy compared to the naturalistic approach Gary Ross took with The Hunger Games. Ross’ version feels raw while staying surprisingly sanitized. Tancharoen’s approach may have brought in more sci-fi geeks but the look and feel of his version may have angered fans of the young adult novel.

Tancharoen was a former dancer who got his directorial debut with the film remake of Fame in 2009. Since then, he has created the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. After the short film went viral in 2010, Tancharoen adapted the short film to a web series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy. Now, Tancharoen is developing a feature film version of Mortal Kombat for New Line Cinema.

Fan-made trailers often pop up on the Internet; many of them are made for the love of the property, or as a proof of concept for a new movie, or as just a “calling card” for the filmmaker behind the camera. In regards to Tancharoen’s fan-made pitch trailer, it feels more like the latter. But maybe he can get a chance to direct a Hunger Games movie yet. The two-part conclusion to the series, Mockingjay, will be looking for a new director soon, so maybe Tancharoen will get his chance. May the odds be ever in Kevin Tancharoen’s favor.