New Hunger Games Image Gives Katniss Her Bow

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Hunger Games is the biggest thing in young adult science fiction right now, and with good reason. It’s kind of like Twilight without all the hidden Mormon propaganda and with kids killing each other instead of engaging in longing stares across a table. It’s being turned into a movie, which may or may not be good, but judging by the image is sort of on the right track…

This is the newest image from the production of The Hunger Games movie. Pictured is Jennifer Lawrence who stars as Katniss in the film, practicing her archery. The book is about a dystopian future where Katniss is thrust into a tournament to the death and, archery is her secret skill in the game.

But this picture is likely taken from a scene which happens before she ends up in the tournament, when Katniss is at home skulking around in the forest for food to feed her family. It must be since the bow and arrow she receives in the tournament is distinctly described as silver.

Assuming this image is from Katniss pre-tourney you may be wondering where she got the expensive looking leather jacket. I know Hollywood likes to clothe its actors in sweet looking suede coats, but Katniss is supposed to be living just barely above the poverty line. In this case though, the jacket was something left to her as an heirloom by her father. Underneath it’s probably full on peasant garb for Jennifer Lawrence.

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