The Hunger Games Board Game Puts You In The Arena…With Boys!

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

When a franchise reaches a certain level of popularity, the satire inevitably starts pouring in. How many Harry Potter and Star Wars skits have you seen? Likely you’ve lost count at this point, and with the Hunger Games adaptation hitting theaters tonight at midnight, the Suzanne Collins story is the primary target for the next round of kind-hearted internet ridicule.

Not surprisingly, College Humor has stepped up to the plate this time around delivering The Hunger Games Game, putting slumber partiers into the arena. The skit will remind you a lot of those 90s games that dumb 10-year-old girls played like Dream Phone, and is all the funnier because of it. Check it out below.

Pretty hilarious. It would have been funnier if the players had to playfully start killing each other, but hey, hindsight, right?

With The Hunger Games presales surpassing that of any non-sequel ever, expect Lionsgate to go ahead and make the shit out of the other books as fast as possible. What that means for you is a lot more skits like this and a lot more laughs and a lot more Katniss Everdeen blasting peoples’ faces with arrows. More to come as these continue to roll out.