Humanized Yoda Sculpture Is…Unsettling

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’ve seen examples before of what happens when you take a character from a heavily stylized or animated reality and try to drag them into our mundane, three-dimensional reality. You wind up with a Dr. Zoidberg who looks like some sort of unholy spawn of Cthulhu, or you get a Homer Simpson that demands to be killed with fire immediately. You would think that this sort of transition would have less effect on a character that already exists in our three-dimensional world as a puppet or prop. You would think that. At least until you get an eyeful of the horror that is Flesh-Tone Yoda.

This particular slice of wrong is the creation of Italian artist Andrea Eusebi, who got the bright idea to see what would happen if you made an extremely detailed bust of the diminutive Jedi master and then stripped him of his trademark green skin tone. I’m not quite sure what aspect of it is the most unnerving. Could it be the veins in the ears? The liver spots? The fact that he looks vaguely squishy?

You can see more details about how the Yoda sculpt was made, as well as Eusebi’s other creations, at his site. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go scrub my eyes with a wire brush.