Almost Human: Three Reasons To Tune In For Tonight’s Return Episode

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

SexbotFuture Crime Is Pretty Cool
Another reason why it’s so easy to come to grips with Almost Human‘s capsulized storytelling is because the cases that John and Dorian work are pretty damned interesting. Beyond all of the advances in the techniques that the cops themselves use, viewers get to see an entirely new kind of criminal underground. A sign of things to come maybe?

Robot prostitutes given the skin of real people? Genetically modified heart implants that work as blackmail? Drugs that get you so addicted that they kill you? Well, I guess we already have that last one. The point is, today’s world of science allows for an even wider array of science fiction than ever before, and for every positive advancement there is a way of exploiting that advancement, allowing for a seemingly limitless well of story ideas.

You can just hop right into watching tonight’s episode of Almost Human and worry about catching up with the other episodes later on Hulu or something. Let’s keep this one on the air and see where it goes, shall we? Five out of five robots currently holding me hostage say it’s the best!

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